Change direction for new perspectives

This morning, I decided to take my little morning walk, but with a small difference. Instead of following my usual route, I decided to do it in reverse. At first, it took me a few moments of reflection to find my bearings. But in the end, it was really impressive. I noticed details that I […]

Faith still exists…!

Faith still exists, and I am constantly discovering this reality! Even after 35 years of relationship with my father Luc and 20 years of professional collaboration, I continue to learn things about him. For those who don’t know, Luc went through particularly difficult trials during his childhood and his life (epilepsy, brain tumor, heart attacks…). […]

The smell of fresh asphalt evokes in us the scent of success!

When the time comes to pour the asphalt, it means that the project is about to reach its conclusion, that the culmination is near!For us, the smell of new asphalt is synonymous with renewal. It’s as if she breathed new life into the project, giving it a clean finishing touch. The asphalt is much more […]

Another completed project that makes us proud!

Another of our projects was completed on schedule. This is a real feat in the field of construction! This is Dr. Steinberg’s ELNA Urology Clinic in Montreal. This means that on the scheduled delivery date, everything was carried out perfectly, with no faults or corrections to be made. Once the client has set foot in […]

Improve space utilization and… operational efficiency at the same time!

It is essential to improve space utilization and operational efficiency! I’m at the SAAQ. As you know, it takes a long time to get an appointment. Unfortunately, even once there with an appointment, the wait remains long… It is sometimes difficult to understand why certain public services operate in this way. In addition to long […]

R.I.P. CEV Group…

We took the decision to improve our approach by simplifying our structure and abandoning the use of the CEV Group “branding” which encompassed our different companies. However, rest assured that all of our other family businesses remain unchanged! We are simply simplifying our identity and our structure. Originally, the creation of this entity aimed to […]

To encourage employees to work in the office…

Every detail counts, even the smallest, when it comes to designing workspaces, especially in commercial offices. These small details contribute to the well-being of the people who occupy them. One approach we take here is to use central spaces to create open common areas. This strategy makes it possible to optimize the use of the […]

Concrete curbs or not?

Nowadays, curbs have become a widespread trend in the layout of commercial and industrial parking lots. We often tend to adopt them without thinking about it, simply because they are ubiquitous and everyone uses them. However, it is important to take a step back and consider whether these borders are really necessary. It should be […]

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