Of construction, real estate and people

by Rémi Letourneau

To encourage employees to work in the office…

Protech Construction's head office with a pool table.
Every detail counts, even the smallest, when it comes to designing workspaces, especially in commercial offices. These small details contribute to the well-being of the people who occupy them.
One approach we take here is to use central spaces to create open common areas. This strategy makes it possible to optimize the use of the perimeter of the building by fitting out closed offices there. Thus, each office has its own window!
The presence of natural light is essential for human well-being. It exerts a positive influence on aspects such as mood, sleep and anxiety. It is therefore essential to optimize the working environment for each individual. A pleasant work environment promotes concentration and, by extension, efficiency.
It is these small details that will guarantee the success of your project! By incorporating elements that improve the well-being of employees, you promote their satisfaction and productivity.

When people feel better in the office than at home, they will naturally be more inclined to choose where they feel most comfortable working!

To encourage people to come back to the office, it is crucial to put in place several such initiatives. By providing a work environment that meets the needs and expectations of employees, you increase the chances of successfully attracting them. Making employees feel more comfortable in the office than at home is a key step in boosting their motivation to come to work.

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