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by Rémi Letourneau

Protech’s motorized vehicle: for optimal comfort during site meetings with our customers

Protech Construction's motorized vehicle parked at a project site.
Protech Construction is committed to providing its customers with an exceptional construction experience, with an emphasis on comfort and satisfaction. One of the key elements of this approach is the use of motor vehicles, which brings considerable added value during site meetings. By providing versatile meeting space and a quiet, secluded environment, we ensure our clients have the perfect setting for effective discussions and informed decision-making

At Protech Construction, we are committed to making each step of the construction process as pleasant and comfortable as possible for our customers!

A versatile meeting space

Protech Construction’s motorhome offers a versatile meeting space, adapted to the needs of our customers during site meetings. Her well-designed interior layout makes it possible to hold discussions, share plans and make strategic decisions in a comfortable setting. This dedicated space facilitates communication and promotes effective exchanges between all the players involved in the construction project

A calm and secluded environment

During site meetings, it is essential to be able to concentrate and have productive discussions. The Protech Construction motorhome offers a quiet and isolated environment, away from noise and potential distractions on the construction site

Mobility and flexibility

The motorhome can be moved easily around the construction site, providing great flexibility during site meetings. Clients can choose the ideal location for the meeting based on specific project needs.

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