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by Rémi Letourneau

Improve space utilization and… operational efficiency at the same time!

Luc Létourneau's selfie at SAAQ highlighting the importance of interior design
It is essential to improve space utilization and operational efficiency!
I’m at the SAAQ. As you know, it takes a long time to get an appointment. Unfortunately, even once there with an appointment, the wait remains long…
It is sometimes difficult to understand why certain public services operate in this way. In addition to long wait times, there are not enough seats to accommodate everyone.

Customer satisfaction in establishments like this does not seem to be a priority...

This contrasts with private services where such situations are rare, because if you treat your customers this way, you risk losing them!
I don’t blame the employees who work here, because they do their best. However, there must be a way to improve the efficiency of this service or at least optimize the space to provide a better experience for people waiting. Some public services are perfectly successful in doing this, and yet they have the same resources!
By optimizing different aspects, we manage to be more profitable, and as a bonus, it attracts more customers! This also applies to utilities…

Clearly there is a problem somewhere here…

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