Of construction, real estate and people

by Rémi Letourneau

The smell of fresh asphalt evokes in us the scent of success!

Protech Construction general contractors laying asphalt at a project site.
When the time comes to pour the asphalt, it means that the project is about to reach its conclusion, that the culmination is near!
For us, the smell of new asphalt is synonymous with renewal. It’s as if she breathed new life into the project, giving it a clean finishing touch.

The asphalt is much more than just a final step, it is of paramount importance!

During this phase, everything revolves around her. It occupies all the space, forcing everyone to retire to make way for its meticulous application, abandoning any presence on the ground.
Once this step is completed, the building is ready to welcome its future occupants, whether customers or tenants. We consider that a project is only really accomplished once the asphalt has been perfectly completed. This is the ultimate criterion of completion. By applying the asphalt with care, we want to demonstrate our commitment to our future tenants, by offering them a clean and neat environment. As a promoter, it is essential to convey an image of quality and well-being to attract customers who share our values.
A project reflects who we are as an entity, and it is how we attract people who share our aspirations and our ethics. Ensuring that the asphalt is perfectly done is showing the outside world our identity in order to attract people who are in agreement with them.
Success is often in the details. By taking care of these details, we demonstrate our professionalism and dedication to our work. This is how we are able to attract individuals who appreciate and recognize the meticulous work we do.
We aim to build relationships with people who share our values, as this is essential for the long-term success of any project.

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