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by Rémi Letourneau

Faith still exists…!

Professional portrait of Luc Létourneau.
Faith still exists, and I am constantly discovering this reality! Even after 35 years of relationship with my father Luc and 20 years of professional collaboration, I continue to learn things about him.
For those who don’t know, Luc went through particularly difficult trials during his childhood and his life (epilepsy, brain tumor, heart attacks…). Despite everything, he has always been able to come out of it admirably and face these trials with positivity and serenity.
In a recent discussion I had with him, I wondered how he managed to find success in his 30 years of entrepreneurship. More importantly, I wanted to know how he handled the ups and downs of his business so well without losing control.
He explained to me that for him, life was a force greater than himself.
However, this does not mean that he is passively waiting for a divine answer. This belief allows him to take a step back and stay focused on his true goals. At my age, it’s rather unusual to have such thoughts, and his speech surprised me.

However, upon further reflection, I realized that we all have faith in something beyond our individuality.

We believe in the positive influence of thoughts on our lives, in the law of attraction, and in many other similar ideas. Although not exactly the same as faith in God, there is a striking convergence between my father’s thinking and these other concepts.
And you, do you have something you believe in that keeps you true to your goals or dreams? – Remi

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