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by Rémi Letourneau

Another completed project that makes us proud!

An office renovation completed by our interior designers and general contractor for ELNA Urology Clinic in Montreal.
Another of our projects was completed on schedule. This is a real feat in the field of construction! This is Dr. Steinberg’s ELNA Urology Clinic in Montreal.
This means that on the scheduled delivery date, everything was carried out perfectly, with no faults or corrections to be made. Once the client has set foot in these premises, no worker needs to return there!
In our industry, simply meeting deadlines is a challenge in itself for some entrepreneurs. And even when they succeed, there may be more than a hundred problems to solve later.
We decided to take up this challenge because we know how important it is for our customers to benefit from total peace of mind and to take full advantage of their new installations.
I won’t lie to you, we don’t achieve this every time, but when we achieve this goal, we know how much it means, both to our customers and to ourselves. It is by aiming for excellence that we improve ourselves every day. To carry out a project, the whole company must be involved. It starts from the first contact, even before the official signature.
To show you how much this means to us, we are offering a company bonus to everyone when we reach this goal!
Soon our standard will be to complete all our projects. And when it does, we’ll aim for another level of excellence!

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