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by Rémi Letourneau

Renovate while continuing to operate

General contractor presenting blueprints to a client.
Renovating a hotel, restaurant or clinic is not always easy. Will you have to close your doors during the works? How do you continue to operate when your establishment becomes a construction site? Is it safe for your customers? Be reassured: it is possible to receive customers while optimizing your space.
The first step leading to the realization of your project is to find the professional who suits you. By choosing the right general contractor, you ensure peace of mind during the process.

Support for the work

The planning and management of the work are the responsibility of the general contractor. It is he who will ensure that the stakeholders coordinate to optimize everything. It is also the contractor who will make the bids, hire the subcontractors and be responsible for carrying out the renovations.
Some contractors can also coordinate plans with your designer and architect. This type of project is called the “design-build”. It is the contractor who will take responsibility for the drawings of the professionals. During this time, you will only have to take care of the proper functioning of your hotel, the contractor will take care of the rest.

Protection and noise

As your establishment is being renovated, you need a contractor who knows how to protect your customers from injuries, noise and discomfort that may arise. A good contractor knows the safety procedure and makes sure to keep it in place throughout the entire project. A good way to proceed is by time slots. In collaboration with the contractor, you establish a schedule in advance describing the critical moments when there may be noise that could potentially disturb customers. Respecting its time slots is crucial for the coordination of your reservations. The contractor takes care of the protection of your customers and employees from start to finish.

Respect for deadlines

One of the most important challenges in the context of renovation is meeting deadlines. The contractor knows that it is essential to allow you to operate at full capacity, as quickly as possible. This is why the work is often divided by phase. This procedure avoids a too long closure of part of a hotel. Compliance with the deadlines set out in the contract is the guideline of the work. It’s the professional’s job to make sure everything runs smoothly and that you don’t have to turn down too many bookings.

A turnkey project

It is important to be able to count on a contractor who offers a turnkey service. This contractor will accompany you and coordinate the stakeholders who must be on site during the renovations, even those who are not part of his team. He will be able to manage all project stakeholders without any problem. By offering a complete service, the contractor guides you in the realization of your project, from the beginnings to the final result. The contractor offering a turnkey service is experienced and full of resources, a guarantee of success for the renovation of your establishment, regardless of the size or complexity.

Support from A to Z

Major renovation is a stressful time; this is why finding the contractor who will accompany you before, during and after the work is essential. You will need to find a contractor who will make sure to meet all your needs and keep you informed on a regular basis of the progress of the work, communication being the key to success in a business partnership. Find the contractor who will take the success of your business renovation to heart, who will ensure that the entire project runs smoothly and that all your needs are met.

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