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by Rémi Letourneau

Employee profile: Remi Letourneau

Professional portrait of Protech Construction's VP, Luc Létourneau.
Being organized and structured is an essential element for success in life, whether in your studies, your professional career or your personal projects. This is what Remi, VP Administration at CEV Group, understood and successfully applies in his life.

Why do it every week?

For Remi, being organized means planning your tasks and goals effectively. He begins by clearly defining his objectives and establishing an action plan to achieve them. He uses a calendar to plan his days and weeks, setting aside time for his hobbies, his family, his friends… and for himself!
Remi also knows the importance of prioritization. It identifies the most important and urgent tasks and deals with them first. He also uses to-do lists to make sure nothing is missed and to stay focused on what needs to be done.
For Remi, being structured means having a methodical approach to solving problems and making decisions.
He analyzes situations carefully, identifies the different elements involved and evaluates the different options. He then makes an informed decision and acts accordingly.
In summary, being organized and structured allows Rémi to effectively plan his tasks and objectives, to prioritize the most important and urgent tasks and to make informed decisions!

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