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Employee Profile: Kevens Williamson

Kevens Williamson at work.
Kevens Williamson, site superintendent
As a construction superintendent, I am responsible for overseeing the entire construction process, from planning to final delivery of the project.
My main responsibilities are:
  • Plan and coordinate construction work, ensuring that each stage is completed on time and in accordance with plans and specifications.
  • Monitor the work of sub-contractors and workers on site, ensuring that all work is carried out safely and in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Ensure the quality of the work by ensuring that the materials used comply with the required standards and specifications.
  • Resolve issues that may arise on the job site, such as delays, quality issues, labor disputes, etc.
  • Maintain regular communication with all project stakeholders, such as engineers, architects, and project managers, to ensure that everyone is informed of the progress of the work.
  • Keep detailed records of all site activities, including inspection reports, hours worked, materials used, costs, etc.
  • Provide regular reports to company management on work progress and project costs.
In summary, my role is to ensure that all activities on site run smoothly, on time, while ensuring the safety and quality of the work!

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