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by Rémi Letourneau

Accountable from A to Z since 1993

A quote displayed on the wall inside Protech Construction's headquarters, highlighting their commitment to accountability.
Accountability is a fundamental value at Protech Construction and in the companies of the CEV Group. Since 1993, Protech Construction has set itself the objective of being 100% accountable. We take full responsibility for the proper functioning of the site and the success of each project. We are accountable and responsible for the subcontractors and collaborators we choose
Ensuring accountability requires a good understanding of operations, the clarity of everyone’s roles and the constant improvement of processes. Every mistake is an opportunity to improve and to elevate the company in terms of performance. Our goal is to engage people and create a sense of team pride in the success of the business.

At Protech Construction we speak to the "I".
And it is the sum of the “I”s that form a strong, accountable and responsible “WE”.

The promise of accountability of each member of the team!

  • I offer a professional and positive experience.
  • I’m listening.
  • I believe in the projects I invest in and the quality of my work stems from my attention to detail.
  • I am proactive and always in solution mode.

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