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by Rémi Letourneau

Protech Construction specialist Design Build

Blueprints of a building using the design-build method.
The concept of design build is increasingly common in the construction industry. It is a method of project management that combines design and construction into one entity, rather than splitting them into two separate contracts.
In a design build project, the contractor is responsible for the design, construction and overall management of the project. This means that the client has only one point of contact for all project-related matters, which facilitates communication and coordination.
One of the most important advantages of design build is that this method can reduce construction costs and time. Indeed, the various stakeholders work together from the start of the project, which makes it possible to identify and solve problems more quickly. In addition, responsibility is clearly defined, which reduces the risk of litigation between the different parties.
Design build is especially useful for complex projects that require close coordination between design and build.

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