Of construction, real estate and people

by Rémi Letourneau

Much more than “construction”…

Protech Construction truck at interior design project site.
Construction, although it is the heart of our business as general contractors, does not entirely define us. Our real motivation lies in proposing solutions tailor-made, adapted to the business model of our clients.
We are committed to guaranteeing the success of our customers, promising them certain success!
From the first moments of our collaboration, we pay careful attention to every detail. We immerse ourselves in the project with an implication such as if we were carrying it out for ourselves. This is why we want to be present at all stages of reflection, in order to provide informed advice to our valued partners.

Our real motivation lies in the proposal of tailor-made solutions, adapted to the business model of our customers.

A construction project is intrinsically linked to a thorough reflection on an overall business plan. To be able to give you the best advice, we must not only understand the real motivation of your investment, but also experience it alongside you. And when it comes to investing in something so crucial, our goal is to increase your profitability, never the other way around!
This is why we establish partnerships with all stakeholders who require consultative expertise. We are able to offer sound advice to our clients and offer them viable solutions for their business, whatever the sector of activity. It is essential to address the financial aspects at the start of the project, long before your idea is realized and your plans finalized!
We believe so much in this work approach that we even go so far as to offer our clients, if they wish, to become partners in their own project, in close collaboration with us!

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