Of construction, real estate and people

by Rémi Letourneau

Family business

Francis Létourneau and his three sons eating lunch.
As a family business, we believe communication is even more important. We manage to separate our personal lives from our respective roles in the company. This success is due to the initiative of Francis Létourneau who insists that we meet every week to take stock together. We take the time, the four shareholders (the father and the three sons), to leave the office for lunch each week. We share everything that could be an irritant and what is going well in general in our week.

Why do it every week?

Because otherwise, when we experience a situation that has affected us, but which is more or less important, if we wait more than a week, we will no longer be inclined to address the situation. We will think that the feeling we experienced has passed and that there is no point in talking about it… but subconsciously, it remains in our head and risks creating a bad feeling which will be amplified over time. And when it becomes too important, it can even be reflected in a certain negative attitude in family moments, outside the company.
Even though sometimes, when things are going well, we think it’s pointless, this routine is important for maintaining good chemistry and aligning things the right way.

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