Did you know that the design of your business can help you reach your objectives?

We are referring to the interior and exterior design of an area used for commercial, industrial or manufacturing purposes. The arrangement of these areas consists in creating a design for these spaces then BUILDING THEM according to plans. This type of intervention has been shown to make a real change in an enterprise’s success. Since 1993, Protech Construction has specialized in commercial design. Although operating mainly in the Montreal and surrounding region, we serve a clientele from all over Quebec. Clients who call on our services can count on:

  • A strict respect of budget and timelines established at the start of the project;
  • A better use of their workspace;
  • Greater quality of life for their employees;
  • Higher profitability of their resources and their enterprise in general.


Optimizing your work areas improves your overall enterprise performance

For a number of years already, Protech has dedicated itself to offering customized solutions to its clients. We do this by coaching them throughout their project—from from start to finish—and thus providing them with sound advice and expertise as the work unfolds.

In order to achieve success beyond your expectations, you need to count on a team at the top of its game. We can and will surprise you!

Turnkey service & Franchise

We accompany you in all 5 stages of project realisation

  • 1- Project study
  • 2- Development of plans
  • 3- Planning of actions and timelines
  • 4- Execution of work
  • 5- Evaluation, adjustments and follow-up.

Made-to-measure service

Whether dealing with interior design, renovations, construction or expansion, we have what it takes to meet your needs.


We specialize in the design of restaurants, stores, offices and clinics.