Of construction, real estate and people

by Rémi Letourneau

Workers on a construction site

A carpenter cutting wood beams at a construction site.
At Protech Construction we know that each project is unique and we believe in the importance of personalized support throughout the process. We have the success of our clients at heart and we want their investment to be as profitable as possible. For us, commercial development is not just about constructing a building; we are committed to proposing a concept that reflects the image of the client.
By supporting our clients in the stages of budget estimation and custom design of the plan, this allows us to have a global vision of their project and to be able to go beyond their expectations when it comes to the construction stage.
Moreover, there are many factors to take into consideration to ensure the success of a construction site and, by extension, of a project.
Did you know that there can be more than 38 different teams working on the same site?
Indeed, the worksites generally bring together specialists in the following areas:
1. Architecture
2. Engineering
3. Design
4. Demolition
5. Excavation
6. Landscaping
7. Concrete
8. Underwire
9. Formwork
10. Masonry
11. Structure
12. Stairs
13. Carpentry
14. Cabinetmaking
15. Roof
16. Insulation
17. Acrylic
18. Aluminum siding
19. Doors
20. Garage doors
21. Glazing
22. Interior system (gypsum)
23. Ceramics
24. Wood floors
25. Vinyl floors
26. Painting
27. Special products (paper dispensers, trash cans, mirrors, lockers)
28. Equipment (foot scraper grid)
29. Furniture and blinds
30. Signs
31. Elevators
32. Fire protection
33. Plumbing
34. Gas plumbing
35. Refrigeration
36. Breakdown
37. Electricity
With so many stakeholders, it is imperative to have good coordination to ensure the smooth running of operations. We therefore offer our clients to manage everything related to subcontracting. We negotiate with each subcontractor in order to have the best service at the best price. Our staff is also in charge of communication with all stakeholders.
We have employees on site who take care of the coordination and management of the responders. This is a major asset since in some areas, such as plumbing, it is not always the same employees who are present on site during a project.
No matter the project, we always invest 100%. We rely on human relations and collaboration in order to respond optimally to the demands of our customers. Our team ensures that there is always a perfect synergy between the site, the office and the client for whom we are always available.
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