Of construction, real estate and people

by Rémi Letourneau

The importance of preparation

A group of professionals in a meeting, discussing ideas around a table.
At Protech Construction, we take the success of our clients to heart. This is why we offer them personalized support throughout the process. The first steps in this process are estimating the budget and designing a plan that reflects the client. When these steps are completed, we can start the construction phase.
Several factors must be taken into consideration when it comes to a construction site. First of all, construction sites are governed by numerous regulations issued by the CCQ, the CNESST, the RBQ and the CNB (national building code). One of the roles of the general contractor responsible for the project is to ensure that all parties present on the site comply with the regulations and standards in force and that their papers are valid.
Our team of human resources specialists ensures that all workers respect the values ​​of the company and that they have everything they need to do their job well. She also ensures that there is good communication between the office and the site. By the way, did you know that more than 50% of our employees work in our offices and not on construction sites?
In fact, the majority of our employees are busy with tasks such as:
  • Estimates
  • Purchases
  • After-sales service
  • Representation
  • Marketing
  • Finance and accounting
  • Human resources
  • Project management
  • Management
  • Etc
Our employees on site are project managers, superintendents and carpenters. There are also all the employees of the subcontracting companies; moreover, there can be nearly 40 subcontractors per site.
Our team ensures that all teams have the correct version of the construction plan since it can change along the way and there are often several versions. We also have employees who make sure to validate all prices so that the final amount corresponds to the amount of the initial estimate. If necessary, they will find new subcontractors offering better value for money so as not to exceed the client’s budget.
We know that each project is unique, which is why our representatives make sure to clearly identify the needs of clients in order to be able to offer them personalized service that perfectly meets their needs. For its part, our marketing team works hard to promote our company and publicize our services.
Finally, our management team is in charge of moving the company forward. Leaders have a holistic view of things that allows them to ensure that the business remains successful while providing exceptional customer service and a pleasant work environment for staff.
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