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by Rémi Letourneau

The ideal approach for a hotel or restaurant

Inside a restaurant renovation after the work completed by our general contractor and interior designers.
Places of work, leisure and rest, hotels and restaurants are also synonymous with style, luxury and innovation. Construction, expansion or renovation require special expertise. You will find this expertise among entrepreneurs who advocate the design-build approach.

What is the design-build approach?

In general, the design-build strategy makes it possible to precisely determine your real needs in order to establish all the costs related to the construction, renovation or expansion of your project. Because before starting a project, an entrepreneur who adopts this approach will analyze your needs in detail and take care of everything so that you can have the right time. You will thus be entitled to a construction that makes the most of each space, resulting in an ergonomic and comfortable place for your customers and a profitable and tailor-made project for you.
This means that the earlier the entrepreneur is involved, the more his expertise takes shape. This is a 100% turnkey method that offers exceptional support before, during and after the work. The supported customer has peace of mind and knows what to expect. Say goodbye to last-minute omissions and extras!

Hassle-free construction

The design-build approach is also available when the site has begun. In general, during construction, you are entitled to a dedicated team that takes care of everything so that you can manage your business with peace of mind. A team that knows how busy you are and how valuable your time is. Of course, you will be able to follow the progress of the work, but you will never be unduly disturbed.
When the construction is finished, the support continues until you are installed and ready to receive your first customers. Then, one year after the end of the work, a new follow-up is carried out to ensure that the materials are durable and that everything is in good condition. Otherwise, adjustments will be made immediately.

Expertise in complex projects

For an entrepreneur adept in this way of designing, every detail counts and nothing is taken lightly. This is what allows him to carry out complex projects requiring special attention, such as medical and dental clinics, hotel complexes or commercial buildings. It goes beyond the needs of its customers and denotes technical elements that might sometimes escape others.

More than an approach, an experience

From the early stages of the project to your complete satisfaction, you are accompanied and supported by an entrepreneur constantly in solution mode, who anticipates your requests to exceed your expectations. You will feel confident and it’s a safe bet that you too will become a follower of this strategy, which takes construction to another level!

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