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by Rémi Letourneau

Roles of a General Contractor

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Whether for renovation or new construction, in the momentum and feverishness, all we want is to make the project a reality as quickly as possible. On the other hand, it is important to ask questions and clearly define the needs and the next steps to be accomplished in a strategic order. Where to start? What is the first step? Who should you work with? The first step is to surround yourself with the right people who will help you develop your ideas and support you throughout your project. By contacting your general contractor as soon as your project emerges, you ensure a complete understanding of your business issues, peace of mind and unparalleled support without surprises in terms of costs and delays.

Full support and understanding

Your general contractor does not just suggest plans and coordinate subcontractors, he accompanies you from the emergence of your construction idea until the finalization of all the work, guiding you throughout the process.
In concrete terms, he is able to support you in:
  • Brainstorming your project
  • The profitability and feasibility study
  • Negotiating your purchase of land or rental of premises
  • Financing
  • Conceptualization, design and engineering
  • Building
  • The development of several other projects
It is not mandatory to have started the process on your side before contacting your general contractor. Indeed, the less advanced the project, the more it will be able to help you in the development of your ideas, your financing and the conceptualization. By being involved quickly in the process, it is a complete understanding of your needs that you offer your general contractor, resulting in a project with guaranteed success.

Peace of mind

What could be better than knowing that your hotel project is progressing without feeling any stress? By being involved in all stages of the creative process, you will be freed from all responsibilities, leaving you with a clearer mind. During the first meeting with your general contractor, your needs will be detailed in order to ensure the necessary expertise in all stages of your project in order to offer you a profitable project.

No surprise costs and deadlines

The importance of each of the preparation steps is crucial. When a project is started too quickly, a budget is created based on several quotes from different subcontractors and plans are completed, it is more difficult for your general contractor to navigate. Indeed, all of the information is never fully transmitted to the general contractor. This causes him to blindly fit the plans and not fully understand your complete needs.
By leaving him in charge from the start of your project, he will have a global vision, allowing you to maintain absolute control over your entire project. You will therefore obtain plans and a schedule with no surprises, no extras.


The construction or renovation of a building often brings great stress for an uninitiated person. This is why the general contractor is present during all stages of the process to answer your questions and accompany you, before, during and after the work. Communication and total understanding of your needs are two pillars of the success of your project.
To be able to grow your business to its full potential, quickly involve your general contractor in your project.

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