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by Rémi Letourneau

Being agile in construction

Exterior view of an office building, one of our completed construction projects.
Everyone knows the agile method in IT
But under construction, does that ring a bell?

2 main aspects interest us in this method:

The agile method is very little known in the field of construction and most people do not have the reflex to proceed this way. The reputation of the construction industry is probably at stake. Unfortunately, it is not the sector with the best reputation for transparency.
For several years, it is this “agile” method that we have been using as general contractors and it is certainly this one that has best met the needs of our customers and that has led us to have a satisfaction rate out of the ordinary.
With the “agile” or “design-build” method, in construction jargon, a project is designed and built according to the money the client wishes to invest.
Budgets are established collaboratively at each stage of plan design. Being the only point of contact, from design to completion, allows us to develop a professional and positive experience with the client.
It all starts with a business case so that the project is profitable and meets the financial capacity of the client. Once the plans are completed, there is therefore no chance of having any surprises regarding the budget and you know perfectly well that what is proposed is directly related to your business model. This agile method is also applied throughout construction. Just because we have a well-established plan doesn’t mean it can’t change for good reason.
We listen to needs and it is often when construction begins that good ideas emerge. So we have to be flexible as long as we always keep the profitability plan in mind.
Want to try something other than the traditional low bidder construction method?

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